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Created by Naomi Hutchinson,
Founder of Healthy+Well

Naomi is a registered 200 hr Yoga Teacher and Trauma-Informed, Mindfulness Facilitator. She loves holding space for yogis of color and encourages all of her students to honor their minds, bodies and spirits on AND off of the mat. 

In this program, you'll receive daily yoga practices focusing on 


Adria Moses

Lesline Pittman

Angie Franklin

What's Included in the IMMERSION Yoga Program?

  • 21 Yoga practices

  • Weekly check ins & LIVE classes

  • Community Forum

  • 1on1 Access to Lead Instructor


What will you gain from the IMMERSION program?

  • Coping skills for stress and anxiety

  • Greater energy and love for life

  • Inner peace and self-confidence

  • Clarity and vision to pursue your purpose

  • Health conscious, supportive community

  • Toolbox of Yoga techniques to add to your personal practice

​Who is the IMMERSION program for? This program serves yogis of all levels. Whether you're just starting your yoga journey or have been practicing for awhile, this is the program for YOU.

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