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Healthy+Well began as an Instagram page in April of 2020 with one goal in mind - to share practical ways for people to improve their health and wellness through diet, exercise and self-care. During that time, the Covid-19 pandemic was just beginning and health and wellness had become a huge priority for so many people. We knew that sharing free resources via social media could greatly benefit our followers but we wanted to do more.

We started by posting weekly YouTube videos with yoga classes, nutrition tips and wellness wisdom! As we gained more traction, we began to get more involved with the wellness community at large. Initially, the wellness industry seemed predominantly white, but we saw for ourselves that there were so many wellness professionals of color thriving in this field. With that in mind, we decided to highlight them in a digital directory called the "Healthy+Well Black Pages." Presently, our story continues with online and in person yoga & wellness offerings, retreats and programs.

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The 3 W's


Healthy+Well is your guide to holistic living. We educate, encourage and empower everyone to live their best lives through holistic wellness practices. We offer virtual yoga classes, workshops and individual coaching to serve and support our community. Healthy+Well also provides services, such as wellness programming and yoga instruction for corporations and private events.


We believe that health and wellness is not a luxury, but that it is a necessity that everyone should have access to. Unfortunately, communities of color are significantly underserved and underrepresented in this field. Healthy+Well stands to be the change in this ongoing issue by being a resource of information for health and wellness and by making our offerings accessible & relatable to communities of color.


Healthy+Well is for anyone who wants to attain or maintain optimal health and wellness, as well as, professionals of color in the field. While we offer our resources to everyone, we are dedicated to holding safe spaces for BIPOC.

About: Services


Naomi Hutchinson is a 200 Hr Registered Yoga teacher, trained dancer IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has taught Yoga for Nike, UCLA, Cal State Northridge and The National Coalition of Black Women. Naomi is an advocate for the transformational power of Yoga, as it helped her to release habits that were no longer serving her and to prioritize self care and wellness. She finds immense joy in sharing holistic wellness practices with her community and offering them a safe space to be transformed through a nurturing and empowering approach. Whether you're looking to create sustainable self-care routines, get more active or bring mindfulness into the workplace, Naomi is eager to help you accomplish your holistic wellness goals.


"Naomi has truly curated a safe space for all to come together to connect with themselves and others. She is a gentle facilitator yet she still challenges the group to attempt a new poses that may push our body in the most positive way."

— Mekala Love, Student


"It was such a pleasure having Naomi as a guest Yoga instructor for my campus's Black Cultural center. She was very professional and knowledgeable when she led the yoga workshop. Students really loved her style from the music to her insight on mental health and wellness highly recommend!"

— Dominique Moye, Client




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